Journal of Cultural Geography (Electronic Resource)

This serial highlights the influence of popular culture in the social sciences. A wide range of topics appear. It is published semi-annually and contains book reviews, charts, maps, and illustrations.

Journal of cultural geography. (1980). Bowling Green, Ohio: Bowling Green State University in cooperation with the Popular Culture Association and the American Culture Association.

Progress in Human Geography

Published on a bi-monthly basis, this journal discusses human geographical patterns and progresses. Short reviews of recent developments as well as the precedents are focused on. It includes chart, illustrations, and an article index.

Progress in human geography. (1977). London: E. Arnold.

Social and Cultural Geography (Electronic Resource)

This periodical is concerned with contemporary issues in human geography. Offering abstracts and book reviews, this serial is published on a bi-monthly basis. It is heavy on the experimental side, stressing theory and methodology.

Social & cultural geography. (2000). [London]: Routledge.